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    What are you thinking about the white boot trend? Tricky waters to navigate? I feel like the white boot trend is not as outrageous or as off limits as it might be first perceived. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am all about convincing women, especially mamas, to discover their style before they even consider adopting any sort of fashion led trend, but this white boot trend I truly believe to be a gift from the fashion gods. Here’s why:

    I think white boots might actually be the perfect addition to complement a capsule wardrobe or at least the wardrobe staples. Just like black, white basically goes with everything. However, unlike a black boot though, white boots have the power to automatically elevate and update the most simplistic look. So, a simple jeans and white shirt ensemble for the nursery run, a jumper and dress for lunch or leather trousers for mid-week drinks in the evening  suddenly becomes so much more. Even better, they are boots, possibly the most functional and wearable of footwear, so whilst adding a little fashion savvy to a capsule wardrobe or simple look, they have all the practicality and functionality us mamas need.

    I am not a massive fan of trends as a whole, I am selective and adopt and reject trends based on my life and style. The white boot has made it onto my radar because although it might be a ‘trend’ I think it’s a trend that can really work, not only aesthetically, but for my life too. And I am most certainly a massive fan of incorporating the trends into my wardrobe that work hard for me and our boots certainly work hard for us. In the winter months our boots become that item in our wardrobes that we opt for to go with just about anything without giving it a second thought. The white boot can do exactly that, but even better, it adds that wow factor.

    Of course, if you are considering this trend, caution must be taken to make sure you choose the right white boot for your wardrobe. Luckily there has been a white boot whiteout and the offerings are vast, from high end to high street, stiletto heeled to stomping boots. When deciding the white boot for you, I would start by looking at your boot collection and either go for a style of boot that you already have in your collection that you wear loads or know that works for you, that way you are not straying too far from your comfort zone. Alternatively go for a style that you don’t currently have in your collection but that you would like to try. For the former, you can invest a little more because it’s a style of boot you are familiar with and for the latter, I would advise spending more cautiously.

    I have a pretty good boot collection, I have a sock boot, a biker boot, a stack heeled boot, statement boots and long boots, but what I don’t have is a western style boot, so that is exactly what I’ll be opting for, in white. I love the Calvin Klein Clare boots, however I am not about to be spending that kind of money on a pair of white boots just yet, or possibly ever! So I’ll be joining the trend at a much lower price point and shall go from there!

    I have put together a white boot edit with high street, premium and luxury boots from £18 upwards for you to browse. Let me know if you decide to join the whiteout! x

    Shop the Look:

    Checked Blazer|  Black Blazer |Leather Trousers| Flower print dress|Ganni Western Boot |
    Calvin Klein Boot||Stud detail Boot|| Leopard print dress||
    Balloon sleeve jumper||Gucci Bag



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