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    …and sizing inconsistencies

    There’s no denying it, Topshop jeans are hands down my favourite on the high street. However, jeans are a ball ache to shop no matter where we shop them, because jeans are rigid, often unforgiving and not necessarily the most comfortable of garments in our wardrobe. Doing my research for this video really made me realise how inconsistent sizing is not only across different brands and retailers, but even within the same store. I have been talking a lot about this with my hubby, who has worked in all areas of fashion, from wholesale, to production, manufacturing to buying and he puts the inconsistency in sizing down to the production. One pair of jeans sold by the exact same retailer, in the exact same style can be produced in two or more different factories and even in different parts of the world.

    If there is so much inconsistency with the sizing of jeans that are completely identical – right down to the very same retailer, it only makes sense that the inconsistencies and discrepancies grow the more further afield we go and across all garments, not just jeans. It would just so have it that the nature of jeans makes them slightly trickier waters to navigate. In this video I have by no means figured out the magic formula to finding your perfect fit Topshop jeans, I would argue that it doesn’t exist. However, I am breaking down the cut, shape, style and design of most of the key Topshop silhouettes, apart from Skinny and Mom jeans, because I feel like we might have mastered those already.

    Admittedly finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans proves to be difficult, especially for women with those lumps and bumps in all those good places. The positive, however, that I take away from this is that it clearly shows we really needn’t be so hard on ourselves when it comes to that pesky little label with a size on it that is sewn into clothes – because that’s really all that it is and we needn’t give it any more power or importance than that. If you are someone that struggles to find jeans that work for you, then my advice to you would be to give yourself time, shop around and try ALL the sizes! And hopefully this video will at least help you to whittle down the cut of jeans that you feel might work for you and your wardrobe, especially when shopping Topshop jeans.

    Hope you enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to get my Topshop Jeans Style Guide straight to your inbox soon.


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