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    Let’s be a Butterfly….🦋🦋🦋

    Bonnie Takhar
    Bonnie Takhar and Kerri Northcott LetsBab

    Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to the home of Bonnie Takhar for a brunch hosted in collaboration with Influencer and business owner Kerri Norhcott (Life with Ivy Coco) to share details on Bonnie’s brainchild, an exciting new digital platform, currently available to download through the App Store, titled LetsBab.

    I often cover events on my Instagram stories and not so much on Mum a Porter. I am so passionate about women in technology and considering this website and my entire career in fact is a complete realisation of ‘women working in tech’ it made sense that I share this with those of you that consume my content over here – because ANY digital user can benefit from LetsBab in numerous ways, whether you’re a business, an affiliate marketer or someone who has a passion for sharing among friends. I mean ANY digital user!

    A digital mall, a far more glamorous term than ‘Marketplace!’

    LetsBab has been described as a digital mall, a much sexier term than a ‘market place’, with a business model that has similarities to the likes of major marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Farfetch and contrasts to the likes of Shopstyle or Reward Style’s Like to Know It. Here’s why; It’s like Amazon for example, in the sense that brands are welcome to use the platform as a way to amplify their brand and their sales through utilising the LetsBab platform by simply filling in a registration form to be approved. There’s no snobbery or elitism, you can be ASOS or Matches Fashion or you can be the mama down the road who has set up a Shopify e-commerce selling handmade shoes, wishing to boost sells. There’s a registration process and once approved, your brand now sits on the same platform as the likes of ASOS and Matches, able to pick up their footfall and gain exposure. Moreover, not only will indie brands be able to benefit from the traffic on the platform itself, but from the product recommendations generated by other LetsBab users! That’s the brand bit!

    Completely democratised the digital users’ power…

    As well as being an amazing platform for brands big and small – which essentially makes up the digital mall side of the app, it’s also perfect for people who love to share and has completely democratised a digital users’ ability to earn from sharing a product they love. This to me is the genius! you don’t need to be an Influencer to have an influence. You don’t need to be techy, need a website or have any social media presence whatsoever to care to share your experiences with the people in your community. With LetsBab you don’t have to! Anyone can go onto LetsBab, find a product they have recently purchased and wish to share with a friend, send the link over via Twitter, Whatsapp, Pinterest, email, literally anywhere that allows you to place a link, and make a 5% commission from the product sale should said friend decide to go ahead and purchase.

    Ayesha Amato Mum a Porter and Bonnie Takhar

    It’s open to everyone and the incentive is competitive…

    Firstly 5% across ALL brands, if affiliate marketing is part of your business, which it is mine, you will know is absolutely AMAZING and seriously competitive. Secondly, if you’re an indie brand on the platform just think of the marketing potential of something like this! It’s so much bigger than Shopstyle or Reward Style because not only is the platform open to the Influencers with the tens of thousands or even millions of followers, but it’s also open to EVERYONE else and with a 5% commission across all brands and no earning threshold before funds are released, the incentive is strong. Even your friends outside of your online community, who may not even have an online presence will be more inclined to share and subsequently recommend your product and it’s often these types of recommendations, those that are more personalised and targeted, that convert more frequently into sales.

    If you are a small business with a Shopify or e-commerce site and you are able to supply the demand, then I would strongly recommend checking out LetsBab. Not only will you benefit from exposure and traffic trickling down from the larger brands on the platform, but Bonnie mentioned LetsBab will be rolling out in app personalised product recommendations, which means your brand or product will appear in a user’s shopping journey should your brand match their browsing or shopping habits. Again, this is super targeted marketing and if you’re a small business with no marketing budget then this really is a major benefit.

    How Will I be Using LetsBab?

    At this stage, I won’t be using the app for selling the Mum a Porter bags. As the bags are handcrafted in Italy, production and shipping is a slower turnaround and therefore my concern would be not being able to facilitate the demand. I will be using LetsBab for my own affiliate marketing – I am always super keen to support women in business, especially mothers in business. Despite currently using ShopStyle and being more than happy with it, I will certainly be making a conscious effort to integrate LetsBab into my affiliate marketing. What Bonnie had today was the personal touch. She invited us into her home and told a story that many of us can relate to. I know for myself that after I had Allegra and then resigned from my job, it became my mission to find MY THING, the thing that gave me freedom, fulfilment, flexibility and empowerment. That’s the reason why technology is so powerful, because it allows US to take back and OWN IT and LetsBab does exactly that – it empowers from all angles, without any elitism and allows you to donate your earnings to a LetsBab charity partner too. What isn’t there to support?

    Thank you so much to Bonnie Takhar and Kerri Northcott for such an inspiring and empowering morning. Find out more about LetsBab.


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