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    Introducing the Mum a Porter Bag

    I am so excited to announce Mum a Porter’s first product, this gorgeous 100% genuine calf leather and suede bag, handcrafted in Italy. I have been wanting to share this news with you all for ages and have really had to work hard to keep my mouth shut! And of course, I have been just a little bit anxious about putting myself out there in this way. However, I am ultimately working my arse off to create something that really works to help mamas on their journeys to discovering their style and a massive part of the Mum a Porter mission is to provide fashion solutions to stylish mamas. When I first came across this bag, firstly, I wanted it immediately and secondly, I wanted to nail down the logistics to be able to offer this bag to all of the amazing women and mamas that are supporting me. I feel like this bag aligns perfectly with who I am, the brand I have created and the fashion dilemmas I am trying to resolve for myself and subsequently for other style conscious women and mamas.

    I don’t want to call this bag a mum bag, because it’s not! However, that is not to say that it is not perfect for mamas, because in my humble opinion, it is! I don’t want to talk about the functionality and practicality of it all just yet, because we are stylish mamas and we want more than that, I am sure! I know that if I get that heart pounding gotta have it feeling when I see something I love, more often than not, if I can afford it, I am going to have it – despite the practical stuff! Design, craftsmanship, style and quality are the things that really get my fashion juices flowing – hence my love for luxury leather goods. Unfortunately, finding the time to source such items affordably or finding the money to pop to Gucci or Chanel every time I might want to update my leather goods collection has proven to be difficult, would you believe it?

    Replacing My Love for Luxury with Quality

    Although I very much love all of the gorgeous bags I have been collecting for the past fifteen years, my first ever being my Gucci bucket bag that still sits proudly in my wardrobe and the most recent, my vintage Chanel bag, I have been feeling like it’s time to invest in a new bag. I do occasionally shop the high street for evening bags but I have generally always been partial to a luxury handbag. Whilst discussing my “needs” for a new handbag with Christian (my hubby), he told me point blank to not even think about getting any of the bags that have been on my spring wish list. So I had to re-set my thinking and cast my net a little differently.

    So I set aside some time to invest in finding myself a handbag that is just as aesthetically pleasing as a luxury bag just without the luxury logo and price tag. Material, design and craftsmanship were key on my search, because I have become educated enough in the production and manufacturing of fashion to know that when we shop luxury the price we pay is not always entirely a reflection of the craftsmanship, but the brand. Although I have been travelling to Italy for years now, last year I went to Tuscany twice and fell in love with the leather goods, the quality, the variety and just Tuscany in general of course, because it is stunning and I love the culture of the region. Of course, having a husband that works in fashion and is also Italian certainly helped me to be able to source these beautiful bags so there is no way I can take all the credit for this, but here they are and I am so excited to share them with you!

    Hand Crafted in Tuscany, Italy and Exclusive in the UK to Mum a Porter

    These bags are hand crafted in Tuscany, Italy, in the same region luxury brands have their leather goods made. I feel really really good about this, because although it hasn’t been purchased from a nice big glossy fashion house and doesn’t have the thrill of luxury. What it does offer is a good quality, well designed bag that is honestly priced and not mass produced. In fact, this bag is currently available in the UK exclusively through Mum a Porter! I would love to add many more exclamation marks here, but in an effort to keep it classy, I won’t. I know the thrill of shopping luxury, trust me I do, but I am starting to become a lot stricter with my style and subsequently how I shop. If I can’t afford to buy luxury, some form of exclusivity or shopping small really helps to make me feel that bit better about the purchases I make now that are replacing those luxury purchases and I think this mindset can work for a lot of the mamas I speak to that long and lust for luxury but can’t justify spending in the way they once used to, pre-babies.

    The Mum a Porter bag Made in Italy available exclusively in the UK to Mum a Porter

    More Details on The Bag

    True to typical Mum a Porter form, these bags are completely effortless and easy to style, the perfect size to be worn from day to night, can be dressed up or down and without a single compromise on quality or design. Like I said, this is not a mum bag, but the necessity of a cross body/ shoulder bag in a mama’s wardrobe cannot be denied and it just so happens to be that shoulder bags are also I generally tend to wear this style of bag across the body throughout the day for a more casual look and over the shoulder to one side in the evening to feel a little more spruced.

    The bag is made from 100% genuine calf leather, with a contrasting suede flap, an adjustable shoulder strap and gold hardware. The bag features a snap fastening front flap, inside zip and small internal zip pocket. They are currently available to buy in Grey, Light Grey, Black, Navy Blue, Red and Mustard Yellow, however I am able to take colour requests, although a small extra charge and longer delivery time might apply – as they will need to made and shipped from Italy.

    Please email me at themumaporter@gmail.com or direct message me @mum_a_porter for enquiries or to purchase x

    Contact: themumaporter@gmail.com or @mum_a_porter for enquiries.


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