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    I have just come away from a very lengthy voice messaging conversation with Kayleigh before sitting down to complete this interview. She’s a gorgeous mama inspiring and supporting her followers with lots of motivational and entrepreneurial content. She currently runs two business, I don’t know how the hell she does it, has recently embarked on a weight loss journey, not that she needs to, and is smashing it (god help me!) and still managed to find the time to interview for Mum a Porter. If you don’t follow Kayleigh on Instagram already and you need some daily affirmations and aspirations, you should! Also her family is beautiful and that’s always nice to follow!

    Kayleigh describes her style as simple. She doesn’t like to over accessorise and keeps colour and pattern to a minimum. Like most of us, her style took a turning point once she became a mother and, like most of us, although her body shape has changed she much prefers her style now than she did before. She opts for longevity over trends and just like me, finds comfort to be the place where she finds her confidence.

    I thought it would be interesting to interview Kayleigh because she is NOT a fashion blogger and needless to say, you don’t need to talk about fashion on Instagram or on a blog to have been on a style journey and as long as your journey inspires mamas, then that’s all I care for. Kayleigh definitely inspires with her crazy work ethic, her gorgeous family and her truly respectable ability to just speak the truth!

    You might be interested to know that one of Kayleigh’s businesses is an online beauty business that she builds and grows through a network marketing company. I felt it was really important in this interview, as well as talking to Kayleigh about her style, to also find out more about her business and general businesses of this nature that many of us refer to as ‘a scam’ or a ‘pyramid scheme’.

    Since being on Instagram I have been approached by many, asking if I’d be interested in using my Instagram audience to sell beauty products. I have always politely declined because I am one hundred percent all about fashion and can’t sell for shit! But I’ll be honest, I have also declined because I too have had reservations about this kind of industry.

    I would imagine mothers get approached for these opportunities because we are the ideal candidate. We want flexibility, independence and this bums on seats mentality doesn’t always work so well for mothers. At one point, when going back to 9-5 work almost became a reality for me, I did have a conversation with Kayeligh to understand more about what she does. Admittedly, I decided it was not for me and Kayleigh too had turned down opportunities like these before. Until she didn’t…

    So at the end of this interview, I have asked Kayleigh to dispel the myths about network marketing companies and tell us a bit more about what she does and why…

    Mum a Porter: Firstly apologies for taking soooo long to get your interview published! I wanted to do this once a week, but you know how it is!

    So, how many children do you have?

    I have a daughter, Anais, she’s three!

    Mum a Porter: What do you do for a living?

    So I’m a hairstylist by trade and have had my own traditional hairdressing business for just coming up to seven years now. Hair is my passion, but I needed something more, so more recently, around 9 months ago I started my online beauty business with a network marketing company. It was something I never thought I’d do but has grown very quickly and is something I’m hugely grateful for.

    Mum a Porter: How would you describe your style?

    I think on the whole, I’d describe my style as fairly simple. I seem to wear a lot of dark colours and neutrals with the odd pattern or pop of colour. I don’t like to over complicate as I feel too much accessorising doesn’t suit me.

    Mum a Porter: What has been your journey to discovering your style since having Anais?

    Since having Anais, it took a good couple of years for me to rediscover my style. My body shape changed and I don’t think that I suited the same sort of things I’d have chosen before. I think having Anais made me relax with what I wear a bit more. Now I’m much more likely to style down with vans or trainers, and make more practical choices on the whole. Even though I felt boring about that at first, fortunately for us Mummy’s, trainers, rucksacks and chunky knits are everywhere right now.

    Mum a Porter: I know right! Thank god for sport lux. I used to feel so frumpy in a pair of trainers before. Now it’s a vibe!

    Would you say you prefer your style now or before having Anais and why?

    I much prefer my style now. Mainly because it’s a true reflection of me and I’m comfortable with it. I think that as you get older, you know what suits you and don’t feel you have to wear certain things because they’re ‘current’. I know my body shape and what compliments it, and I know what to steer clear of. I also know styles and fabrics that compliment my shape best too.

    Mum a Porter: OMG this is so true! We talk about shape, cut and style a lot, but never fabrics and materials. They have such an impact too.

    So what would you say are your current go to pieces in your wardrobe?

    Currently I’ve got lots of chunky knits which I love styled with faux leather trousers and boots. Faux leather trousers this time of year for me are a must. I buy new ones each year and have never found an amazing fit that I’ve really loved. After trying Next, ASOS, Missguided, Zara and many others over the years. This year I found some in Matalan. And really didn’t expect to love them like I do! I’ve worn them to death and they’re so comfortable and a really great fit. They may not last that long, but for the price, they’re great.

    Also I love a wrap dress. I find them really flattering on my shape. Skimming over my hips and cinching in at the waist. I love some of the really floaty skirts and dresses around at the moment but they just don’t work for me.

    Mum a Porter: What is your favourite item in your wardrobe, why?

    My favourite item this year has to be my aviator jackets. I had it in black and loved it so much that I bought it in grey also. They’re from Misguided and I bought them when the snow hit early 2018. They are so warm and such great quality. If I remember rightly, they were £75 each. And they just go with so much. So easy to throw on with so many things.

    Mum a Porter: Those Misguided Aviator jackets do look really good quality! I honestly thought your black one was from Zara! Although they are a similar price point now I think about it!

    So, what would you say is your absolute fave place to shop?

    I love Zara. They really get it right with taking key elements from designers and making them more wearable and affordable on the high street. I love their bags and shoes especially. I seem to buy similar bags each year when new collections come out.

    Mum a Porter: What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given or favourite fashion quote?

    Less is more. This couldn’t be more true for me. I’m not someone who over accessorises. And I feel that too much going on really can distract from the main focus of an outfit.

    Mum a Porter: Where do you get your fashion and style isnpo from?

    I love looking at insta mums for fashion inspo. Not always celebs, but regular mums that need functional items for everyday life, but like to look feminine and stylish too.

    Mum a Porter: Do you have a style icon?

    I wouldn’t say I have a style icon as such, but I really like Holly Willoughbys style on the whole. She looks really feminine and can wear a variety of looks from classic to more glamorous and sexy.

    Kayleigh interview for Mum a Porter

    Mum a Porter: What Instagram fashion accounts can you absolutely not go without checking out?

    Yours of course! @fashionbugblog is one of my faves. A mummy of two with one on the way, and still looking so glam and so well put together. I also love @hattiebourn for a more relaxed approach and seeing a variety of chilled day outfits, to more dressed up in the evening.

    Mum a Porter: I honestly didn’t pay Kayleigh to say that, FYI! Love @fashionbugblog too.

    Mum a Porter: Before you go, I’d love to ask you a few more questions about your business with the network marketing company you mentioned earlier. What made you get into this type of business?

    I started because as they say, mostly when you start something new you start out of inspiration or desperation. For me there was an element of both. I was desperate to start something new and be challenged. I hate to feel like I’m standing still. I wanted to challenge myself to grow as a person and achieve more for myself and my family. Not just financially but for lots of reasons. I wanted something that was mine to focus on, outside of being Anais’ mummy and a wife. Something that I could grow and be proud of in years to come.

    I was inspired by other successful women achieving great things in this industry. And so after being approached several times online, I went back to the lady that first approached me. Who has now grown to be a really great friend to me. And the rest as they say, is history.

    Mum a Porter: A lot of us feel like this type of business is a bit ‘pyramid-y’ if you know what I mean! How would you dispel that myth?

    It’s interesting because I had a negative opinion of the network marketing industry myself for years. I never imagined it would be something I’d be involved in. As soon as I realised that this was a flexible way for me to make an uncapped income, to work when I like, from where I like, around Anais I knew I had to be involved. I already had an element of flexibility being self employed, but when I’m not cutting hair, I’m not getting paid. This, for me, had a huge appeal because whilst I sleep, my team all over the world are still working and vice versa. It’s a huge team effort where everyone wins. The support from other women is something I’ve never experience before. It’s one of the main reasons I absolutely love this industry and I know I’ll never leave it.

    Mum a Porter: I can just tell how passionate about it you are! If only Chloe would set up something similar, I’d be sold! 🙌 Admittedly, beauty has always just been something for me that compliments fashion.

    And speaking of fashion, do you have any fashion words of wisdom for mamas on their style journey?

    I’d say don’t try too hard. I think style is something that changes with us every few years. And I’d not ever try to imitate an outfit exactly. Take pieces that suit you and style in a different way. What works for one, doesn’t always work for another. So adapt and personalise to you so that you feel comfortable and confident. Because that’s what will show when you’re happy with how you look.

    Mum a Porter: I could not agree more! I know I sound like a broken record, but comfort is the key.

    Thank you sooo much for letting me interview you and spilling the tea about your business at such short notice!

    Thank you so much for having me take part xxx

    Follow Kayleigh on Instagram @kayleigh_reid888

    If you would like to be interviewed for the Mum Style File, feel free to leave a comment below, email me or get in touch on Insta! Remember, you don’t have to be a fashion blogger, this is totally about us sharing our experiences and being able to relate and inspire each other.

    Thank you for reading lovely people 😘😘😘

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