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    Nothing but fashion goodness will come from nailing how to wear your socks and heels…

    There’s nothing quite like a sock and sandal combo to keep the men at bay and I am totally here for it! So often I have had conversations with women who take more pleasure in wearing exactly what they know their men hate – not because they want to piss them off, but because it would seem the more their man hates it the more fashion kudos they can clock up and I am in total agreement. How do you think Leandra Medine created an entire fashion publishing empire solely created on the fashion that men hate ?

    The sock and sandal combo is definitely a Man Repeller – I don’t think I’ve met a man yet who likes it, gets it or finds it sexy and I like that! I genuinely believe socks worn with sandals is complete and utter genius. Think about it, it’s a sock! How does an item as nondescript and as inoffensive as a sock have such power when worn just that little bit out of context?! It’s brilliant!

    I’ve been wearing my sandals with socks throughout the winter ever since Burberry sent their models down the runway in court shoes with black ankle socks some ten years ago and it’s just stuck. I happen to own a lot of shoes that work really well with socks. I wear lots of platforms and shoes with ankle straps and I think these lend themselves well to being worn with socks quite easily.

    How to wear socks and heels Mum  a Porter 101

    I use my socks as a way to give my outfits that bit more of a vibe and make them that bit more stylish and thought out. I like the unexpected and unpredictability of it all too. Very often I’ll be out in my socks and heels and my feet get so many double takes it’s unreal. I am not sure if those are looks of approval or s(h)ock horror, but I really don’t care! I never thought the day would come when I’d say this, but these little socks have such a massive impact when paired with heels, why shouldn’t we invest in some seriously good socks?

    A pair of monogrammed lurex Gucci socks worn with a pair of Topshop jeans – why bloody not?! I can’t think of a better way to elevate a look and it’s so much cheaper than using a designer handbag or shoe to elevate your look! OK, a pair of Gucci lurex socks will set you back £100 and considering I only own five pairs of socks, glittery, lurex, fish net and opaque, all from Primark and costing in total not much more than a tenner, Gucci might be a bit steep. In fact, a pair from And Other Stories is a massive step up for me and And Other Stories have loads of good socks to wear with your sandals. For a slightly more statement pair of socks for your sandals, I am loving socks by Pierre Mantoux, they’re reasonably priced, they’re socks made by sock specialists and I like that – it makes them feel that bit more special, even if they aren’t Gucci.

    Admittedly Ladies, the socks and heels look isn’t one that everyone can pull off or even one that many care for. In case you do wish to tackle the look though, there are some factors I consider, which if you’re dubious about the combination you might find helpful – when you nail it, it’s a match made in heaven:

    How to Wear Socks and Sandals

    Mum a Porter Ayesha wearing Terry de Havilland Margeaux wedges and sparkly socks

    1. A platform, wedge or shoe with an ankle strap and a chunky heel are often the easiest shoes to pair socks with.

    2. Any ankle sock will do, but make sure the socks aren’t too thick (obviously)! Plain socks work quite easily, but a sparkly lurex sock adds a little bit more glam and works nicely for the festive period or if you’re wearing your sock and sandal combo for a night out.

    3. Needless to say, be mindful of the colours you are pairing together. A silver sparkly sock with a burgundy shoe won’t work. But a pink sock and a burgundy shoe would. A silver sock easily compliments a black shoe and a black or rust coloured sock could work with a leopard print shoe. Play around and see what colours suit which shoe.

    4. The sock and sandal combo doesn’t work with every outfit, so if you want to rock the sock and sandal look, create your look starting from the feet first. I like to wear mine with short skirts and dresses – to make shorter skirt feel less “sexy” and more “stylish”. I use the socks to add a more retro feel to an outfit too. I am a lover of 70s fashion, so I own lots of platforms and lots of cropped flares. Add in a pair of socks to that mix and I’ve achieved a 70s inspired look quite effortlessly. I also like to wear a sock and sandal combo with a jeans and a jumper look. The quirkier or more statement the knit the better the whole look will be!

    5. I also use my socks to make shoes that might be considered more of an evening or dressier shoe more appropriate for wearing in the day. The socks kind of dresses down the shoe and most importantly makes them more weather appropriate. In the winter we can only really get away with wearing our sandals out in the evening, so adding the socks makes our heeled sandals wearable across the seasons. If you love expensive shoes like I do, then this will be music to your ears!

    Mum a Porter Ayesha Amato wearing Terry De Havilland, Dolce and Gabbana and high street
    Gucci socks and heels
    Images via Pinterest

    Wearing: Black ruffle shirt (sold out, linked similar)|Acid wash straight leg jeans (sold out, linked similar)| Black Fur coat (LY linked similar)| Metallic blue Dolce and Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag and similar high street alternative| Socks from Primark, linked similar Topshop socks | Platfrom wedges from Terry De Havilland


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