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    The only four fashion accessories you need to update and transform your looks for 2019…

    Mum a Porter Ayesha Amato

    Fashion accessories are the perfect way to pimp your look without having to invest loads of time and money into doing so.  Most of us will have a pair of shoes in our wardrobes that we love wearing or an outfit that is so comfortable that we are almost sick of wearing it. We all grow tired of our wardrobes at times and feel as though we are in a bit of a funk, even though the items in our wardrobes, or at least most of them, are the very pieces we once loved enough to part with our money to purchase them.

    More often than not, we just need to find new ways to revamp our old favourites and incorporating fashion accessories into our looks in interesting ways is key to really enhancing our style or changing up one of our much-loved outfits. I am not referring to the more typical and predictable fashion accessories like belts, shoes, handbags and jewellery, although they too can have a massive impact on our outfits too, I am thinking a little less ordinary without being extraordinary.

    Small accessories, like scarves and hosiery generally don’t require much time or money to buy and don’t depend too much on sizing, so trying on can be avoided to save time. Obviously if you’re going for a pair of Gucci or Fendi tights, then you might want to spend a little more time researching. However, the accessories in this edit can be as affordable as you like and only require a small effort to really add some new detail to your old looks.

    Scarves and Neck Ties

    How to wear neck ties

    I realised when I looked in my wardrobe and saw the endless number of pussy bow blouses that I really like a tie around my neck and what a difference that simple detail can make. It just seems to make a look feel that bit more accomplished. Instead of investing in lots of new pussy bow blouses, it’s more cost effective to buy a couple of neck ties and/or scarves that can be mixed and matched with almost everything in your wardrobe. Moreover a silk tie or ribbon wrapped around the neck according to Vogue is one of the key trends for SS 2019. I love a trend like this, simple, effective and doesn’t require too much investment.

    Tip: Using belt ties that might come with dresses or trousers are great to wear in a single loop around the neck.

    Socks for Heels

    socks and sandals how to style

    Not just your standard trainer sock, but you know the type of sock that you want to wear and show off in a pair of barely-there sandals or platforms, 70s style eat your heart out. I know this is not a look for the faint hearted and it literally divides the masses like Marmite, with men one hundred percent on the opposing side. Wear your statement sock, be it an opaque pair, fish net or sparkly with your sandals and a pair of cropped jeans, culottes, a midaxi or shift dress and just watch your outfit change in front of your very eyes.

    Tip: Shoes and socks don’t necessarily need to match in terms of colour, but try to have the colour of your sock incorporated in your outfit somewhere just to bring the whole look together seamlessly.

    Statement Tights

    Statement tights polka dot tights how to wear

    This is a trend that became rife towards the end of 2018, with luxury designers weaving their logos into their tights and charging ten times the amount you’d pay for a pair of statement tights from the likes of Primark or even Calzedonia. Although I am not the biggest fan of tights, statement tights are the perfect way to elevate a simple black shift dress or pair with a black leather skirt.


    Hair accessories are having a major moment right now. The flash of a shiny hair clip neatly slid beneath the hair or a perfect bow tied into a pony tail all add a nice little detail to a look. But for a bit more drama and impact on your overall look think turbans, headbands and hats. Turbans and headbands are especially a favourite of mine, because they don’t need to be removed once you’ve arrived at your destination, but actually become part of your whole outfit.

    These little purchases are small in size but massive in impact. So whether you’re in a wardrobe rut or rediscovering your style, what better way to make the old in your wardrobe feel brand new again than with some good old (or new) fashion accessories?

    Check out the video to see me styling these five fashion accessories here.

    Mum a Porter x


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