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    Festival Style Ayesha Amato Mum a Porter at Neverland


    Firstly, I want to start by saying this, ‘I hate festivals’. Yes, I love music and music is my life and I have been to several “entry level” type festivals, but each and every time I have been I realise how awful I am at them. Festival fashion though, I can totally get down with. I realised how much I love love love festival fashion whilst working on this edit and creating my look for Pizzup. I am sure if you’re reading this that you have come over here from Instagram, you’re a mama and are completely familiar with what Pizzup is. But for those of you yet to be acquainted with Pizzup…

    Pizzup: Essentially the ultimate mums night off. Hosted by Mummy Blogger Lorna Hayward at Neverland in Fulham, also known as Fulham Beach. The venue is absolutely insane and gives off the best Ibiza slash beach rave vibe you could ever achieve in London. It’s smack bang on the river, there’s sand, there’s huts, there’s a beach bar and Pizzup invites 400 women (namely mamas) to come and rave it up to old skool Garage tunes and take it back to those good old Garage days.

    I might be stating the obvious here, but festival fashion just lends itself so well to dancing. When you think of the key elements that really stand out as festival fashion, cowboy boots, super comfortable and designed for stomping. Tassels and fringing that dance away with you and can make even the world’s worst dancer look like they know how to shimmy their tatas off and cut- off denim shorts, to keep you cool but mostly keep your modesty, even if you decide to dip it low. Floaty sleeves, crochet, peace signs and all the hippy vibes just to help transform you to that happy place.

    Pizzup Neverland Fulham Beach

    In my day, which was years ago, I was definitely more of a clubber than a festival goer. Clubbing, unlike raves and festivals involved crippling fashions, like stripper-esque platform sandals that you could just about walk in let alone really get down in. As I write this and think back to those days, I honestly don’t know how I did it. These were the days when it was almost unheard of that you’d carry a pair of flat shoes with you, but I could just keep going and was very often the last man standing on the dance floor. The skirts were short, the dresses were tight and the thought of it now fills me with dread. I am glad I partied as hard as I could when I could and in the fashions that I did, because I could NEVER do it now.

    Festivals came later in life and like I said, they were pretty low-key compared to the likes of Glastonbury and V-Festival. The last festival I went to was Wireless Festival around five or six years ago. I wore cut-off denim shorts, a drop hole tank top and a pair of Givenchy style cut-out ankle boots from Zara. The level of comfort and coolness I felt was insane, especially back then when my everyday style was far more about aesthetic than it was comfort and functionality. Despite feeling incredibly comfortable and cool in my clothes, my vibe was far from that. I just couldn’t deal with the lack of hygiene and the general filth of it all. Not even the music could help me. I like to keep it clean on Mum a Porter, but people throwing bottles of piss through the crowds, porter loos so pungent they’d make your eyes water and women peeing publicly and casually because they could not be arsed to wait in a mile long queue for the plastic bathroom just put me on edge. I dare not even mention the fact that I hate grass🤦‍♀️!

    Needless to say, festivals are not for me and I felt so much better after I resigned myself to that fact. Of course, what I have been missing out on is the fashion and the second I was able to get my hands on a Pizzup ticket I went on the hunt for my festival look. I hope you like the edit x



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