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  • Chorizo Sausage Orzo Pasta Recipe

    You will need:

    Vine tomatoes

    Courgettes (I used a pack of mini courgettes)

    Fine beans 




    Chorizo style sausages (you can use any sausage, but the Chorizo style sausage has the flavour of the Chorizo which adds a nice flavour to the whole dish, but the juiciness of a sausage!)

    One large saucepan, a deep frying pan or wok and an oven dish.


    Cook the chorizo sausages and tomatoes in the oven while I frying off some garlic in the pan, where you will pan fry your veg.

    Meanwhile boil some water for the orzo pasta and add in some vegetable or chicken stock. In a large sauce pan I would fill a third of the pan with water.

    Bring the water to the boil and add orzo to the boiling water. The instructions on the pack says to cook the orzo for around 7 minutes but I cook mine for around 15 minutes – till the orzo is relatively soft and soaked up a good amount of the water it’s cooked in.

    While the orzo is cooking Chop and pan fry the courgettes and fine beans in with the garlic and season with oregano, basil, salt, black pepper. 

    Once sausages are cooked half way add them in with the vegetables so you can get the flavour from the chorizo in with the veg. When the sausages are cooked, slice them so you can mix them in with all the veg easily and then add prawns (I used pre-cooked prawns so I added them in just as all the veg and sausages were cooked). 

    The orzo should be cooked by the time the sausages are done (if not take the veg and sausages off the heat while waiting for the orzo to cook).

    Once the orzo is cooked spoon it into the pan with the veg, sausages and prawns and stir it all in. The orzo doesn’t need to be completely dry, just drain slightly as you spoon it into the frying pan.

    Once you’ve mixed in the orzo I added some chopped black olives. Squeeze in lots of lemon juice and then add the roasted tomatoes on top. 

    The roasted tomatoes are just so good and you could easily make this dish without the orzo and lots and lots of veg and roasted tomatoes. 

    Enjoy Ladies x


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