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    In all honesty, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was going to cover Black Friday sales on Mum a Porter this year, because the likelihood is that I will only be purchasing one, or at a push maybe two pieces for myself. However, as I started to do my research for said item, I decided I would share my thought process and approach to shopping the Black Friday Sales and any other major sale for that matter.

    If you are aware of my style you will know that I am a high street shopper with a penchant for luxury fashion. My shopping habits have changed drastically since becoming a mum and resigning from my nice and “stable” job in fashion. The days of travelling to Milan just to shop in Dolce and Gabbana are well and truly over – I shop my high street and maybe once or twice a year I will treat myself to something luxury.

    I shop frequently, but my shopping is very much considered and I shop small to make sure that I am always getting it right, down to the very single last item. Anything that isn’t worn within the twenty eight days I have purchased it is returned – no matter how much I like it, no matter how little it might have cost. It’s as simple as that.

    When it comes to shopping Black Friday of course the rules change. I am not shopping for what I need, I am shopping for what I love and what will give me the best return on investment. And we all know that the ROI on fashion is so much more than cost per wear, it’s emotional. It’s about how much we love it, how much it gets our heart beat racing and then it’s about how much wear we’ll get out of it.

    So, when I shop the Black Friday sales I don’t for a moment think to myself ‘Do I need it?’ because the answer is immediately NO! I don’t need anything. I am seeking out the items that I love, that are game changing, that are going to seriously elevate my looks, give items in my wardrobe a new lease of life, effortlessly fit right in and then of course, I think about how much value I am getting for my money. In the Black Friday Sale I can put my fashion hat on and pay closer attention to design, craftmanship, material and of course designer – ‘Gucci or Chloe, French or Italian’ are not choices I get to make so often anymore. It’s more ‘H&M or Zara, Scandi or Spanish’!

    I start off high end and if the prices aren’t right I will work my way down to premium and the mid-market. The closer I work my way down to the high street the more I expect for my money. For example I might not be able to afford a pair of knee high Victoria Beckham boots in the sale, but I might be able to get a simple pair of court shoes. Whereas, if I shop at Mista, Staud or Sezane not only can I afford myself a pair of knee high boots quite comfortably, but I can get a pair with a more interesting design detail and maybe made from a better leather than the ones I could afford at a push from Victoria Beckham. Of course I am going to feel far more emotional about my Victoria Beckham court shoes than I am a pair of boots from Mista even though I am getting a lot more shoe for my money with a pair of boots. Victoria Beckham is Victoria Beckham and that excitement needs to be taken into consideration when you are ‘treating’ yourself.

    I will say this though, I am someone who gets excited and emotional about clothes, regardless of where they come from, high street or high fashion, but I see Black Friday as an opportunity to get SERIOUSLY emotional and also, as I said, to get as much value for my money. For me value for money doesn’t mean cheap, nor does it mean quantity, I have more than enough clothes as it is, as I am sure most of us do. Value for money for me means quality. So if I needed a dress for a festive occasion, which I actually need several, instead of starting at Topshop and working my way up – which is how I usually shop. I’d start at Ganni or Rixo and work my way down. Instead of buying a simple black tee from Primark (of which I own many), I’ll go to And Other Stories and get a much better made and probably much longer lasting t-shirt.

    However, if I am entirely honest with you, the absolute last thing I am buying in the Black Friday Sales is a black t-shirt – I don’t care how good the quality may be. On the absolute top of my list are those gorgeous Chloe platforms I have been eyeing up for so long. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love my Chloe platforms. I’ve only had them three years, but the first year I got them they were practically surgically attached to my feet and I’d quite like to preserve them and because I have go so much love and wear out of them I’d love the updated version too.

    Other items that have always tickled my fancy but I’ve yet to find the opportunity or excuse to purchase is a Staud bag, I am loving the new moc-croc tote, a Shrimps fur coat and a pair of earrings or a bracelet from Soru Jewellery. There also a few pieces from the Topshop boutique and Topshop Idol collections that I’ve had my eye on and some gorgeous dresses from And Other Stories that will see me through the festive period quite nicely. So here you ladies, here is my Black Friday wish list, now here’s wishing these pieces go on sale!

    If you’re loving any of the pieces in the edit, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can be alerted with any sale updates! Happy shopping Ladies x

    Shop my look here


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